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Green Trogon is a tour agency that was born with the purpose of making your life easier when traveling.

We dedicate ourselves to finding the best opportunities for photographing and observing birds in a responsible and sustainable manner, while also ensuring the safety and satisfaction of bird enthusiasts of any kind!

Join small groups of participants ready to share experiences shooting on the field, while also learning new techniques to improve your photography. 

Take advantage of the best setups for bird photography, and the knowledge and keen eye of local birding guides and photography experts to create stunning images!

Share a bird list with us so that we can plan a trip together that fits your personal needs.

Perfect to get those difficult birds that don’t normally show up on our photography workshop, locate very rare species that require more time to find or simply prefer traveling privately or with your partner.

Take part on our one-day tours or between one and two weeks expeditions in Costa Rica for birdwatchers. Embark on a quest to find the most fascinating bird species in the country.

Our customized tours will give you the edge in finding many species and various popularly sought-after targets in short periods of time

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